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Rajiv Gandhi Scholarship for Academic Excellence Scheme 

(Guidelines dated 8th June 2023) 

Who can apply for the Scheme? 

  • Students of Rajasthan State domicile. 
  • Less than 35 years as of 1st July of the financial year. 
  • Offer letter from one of the top 1-150 Universities (QS World Ranking University)  ∙ For Engineering, Medicine, Dentistry, and Architecture Courses at Under Graduate  level: Offer letter from one of the top 1-150 QS World ranking universities which  shall also be included in top 25 QS World university rankings subject wise 

Which courses are allowed in the Scheme?  

  • Post Doc ( Max Course Duration: 1.5 Years ) 
  • Ph. D. ( Max Course Duration: 3 Years ) 
  • PG ( Max Course Duration: 2 Years ) 
  • UG ( Max Course Duration: 4 years) 

Which subjects are allowed in the Scheme? 

  • For Post Doc/Ph.D./PG/ UG, all subjects as prescribed by the top 1-150 QS World ranking universities are allowed.  

∙ However, for Engineering, Medicine, Dentistry, and Architecture at the UG level top  1-150 QS World University Ranking should also be included in the top 1-25 QS World  University Ranking subject-wise.  

Which documents are required to fill out the application on the portal?

  1. Jan Aadhar Number 
  2. Offer letter from the applicable foreign university  
  3. Bonafide/ Domicile certificate 
  4. Gross family Income certificate (authenticated by the executive magistrate and  witnessed by two gazetted officers) 
  5. ITRs (As applicable for the Financial year 2022-23, for applications in the financial year  2023-24)  
  6. Affidavit for not filing ITR (given format) 
  7. 10th mark sheet 
  8. Qualifying Degree, Mark sheet/Certificate of last passed exam 
  9. Self Declaration for Scholarships/ financial help etc. from other sources.  j. Passport, if any 
  10. Visa, if any 
  11. Aadhar Number 

Which Universities are allowed in this scheme? 

Top 150 QS World ranked universities available latest as of 1st April of that financial year are allowed. 

Will the list of applicable universities change from opening to closing of the portal?

No, the university list is available as of 1st April of a financial year and as decided by the government will be applicable for the whole financial year. 

Will this scholarship help me in getting admission to foreign universities?

No, this scholarship scheme only provides financial assistance after getting admission to a foreign university. For admission, you will have to make efforts on your own. You are advised to visit the websites of the respective universities for admission details.

How to apply for this scholarship? 

You can apply online on the portal. Website link: CLICK HERE TO APPLY

What do I need to log in to the portal? 

  • Janaadhar number

Do I have to submit any documents offline while submitting my application form?

No, at the time of application form submission, you need not submit any document in offline mode, but after provisional selection, you have to submit documents in offline mode as mentioned in the revised Guidelines dated 8th June 2023. 

What happens if a student/parent provides any false/misleading information or documents before and after the selection in this scheme? 

In such cases, penalty as well as recovery will be imposed and action will be taken as per relevant laws. 

Will I be able to change my personal information in the application form which is already fetched from Janaadhar Data? 

To update your personal information, you will need to update JanAadhar's details.  

Will I be able to fill application if my qualifying degree result is awaited?

Yes, but you have to submit an unconditional offer letter within two months from the date of provisional selection.  

After completing the ONLINE application process and generating a PDF file, will I  be able to change my application data? 

You can withdraw your application and resubmit it with the updated information before the respective evaluation date. 

What will be the last qualifying exam document if I am applying for Post Doc?

It will be your PG degree 

I have an offer letter from an institution that is not listed in the World QS ranking of the top  150 Universities, but is listed as the top 35th institution in the world QS University ranking  Subject wise, will I be eligible in this scheme?  

No. Only the top 150 QS World ranking universities will only be considered.  

Can I Edit the information already saved on the online portal and up to what time?

You can always edit the information before the final submission. 

Is a passport/visa mandatory requirement for filling out the application form?

No, you don’t require a passport/visa while filling out the application form but after selection, you will require to submit a passport and visa to avail financial benefits in the scheme.  

How many new scholarship awards are allocated for the financial year 2023-24?  

500 new scholarship awards.  

Will the previous financial year’s awards (If lying vacant) be carry forwarded to the next financial year? 

No, the previous financial year’s awards/seats (If lying vacant) will not be carry forwarded to the next financial year. Selections for each financial year’s awards/seats will be made as per prevailing guidelines. 

Is there any classification according to annual gross family income?

Yes, the following are the details:

Gross family income 

Income Category

Less than 8 Lacs/annum 


8-25 Lacs/annum 


Greater than 25 Lacs/ annum 


What is the difference in financial assistance under this scheme? 

Tuition fee, bench fee, and living expenses will be payable as follows: 




E1: Family gross annual  income less than 8 Lakh

Tuition Fees and Bench fee: Max 50 lakh

Living Expenses: 12 Lakh Rupees 

One time advance of 3 Lakh to students who will start  their course after application on the portal (adjusted  against living expenses)

E2: Family gross annual  income 8 – 25 Lakh

Tuition Fees and Bench fee: Max 50 lakh

Living Expenses - 6 Lakh Rupees

E3: Family gross annual  income above 25 Lakh

Tuition Fees and Bench fee: Max 50 lakh

No Living Expenses 

 What is included in Living expenses?  

'Living Expenses’ are such as contingency allowance, equipment, medical insurance,  accommodation, flight, visa, TCS, etc. (These living expenses are indicative) 

Is there any upper limit for tuition fees? 

The tuition fee will be paid after deducting any other financial assistance (Scholarship/  Fellowship/ Sponsorship/ awards/ grant/ any other financial assistance) that the student is getting. This amount is a maximum of 50 lacks per annum. This will be over and above the living expenses admissible to E1 and E2 category students. 

Will E3 category students not be considered in the first, second, or third phase?

Yes, E3 will be considered only in the last phase. After considering E1 and E2 category students, if seats remain then only E3 category students will be considered. 

My university charges bench fees other than tuition fees. Will it be payable under this scheme? 

Yes, Only PG, Ph.D., and Post Doc students are eligible for this. This amount is a maximum of 50 lakh per annum inclusive of tuition and bench fee. 

Who are eligible for a one-time advance payment of Rs. 3 lacks per annum?

Advance payment is a facility given to only E1 category students who will start their course after applying on the portal. Such students can use this advance payment for expenses such as Airfare, Visa, laptop purchase, and other expenses as per their needs before leaving for a foreign university. This advance payment will be adjusted from their payable living expenses. It will be payable only once for the entire course duration before the commencement of the course.

Who are eligible for the consolation prize? 

  • To motivate the talented students, a $2000 consolation prize upon availing 100 % Tuition fee and payable living expenses from other sources.  
  • However, such students will be eligible to apply again for scholarships for other courses/subjects (Courses/Subjects for which he/she has not availed of a consolation prize under this scheme) in the future. 
  • This 2000 US $ will be given only once during the entire course duration 

I am availing some other scholarship/fellowship/award/grant/ financial assistance from some other sources, will this financial assistance be deducted from payable financial benefits? 

Yes, all such financial assistance will be deducted from payable financial benefits in the scheme. Self-declaration in this regard will also be required in this regards as per norms.  

Is question no. 28 applicable to existing students who were not receiving any financial assistance from other sources at the time of selection but started availing later on during the course period?

Yes, deduction of any financial assistance from other sources will be made for new as well as existing selected students. New as well as existing selected students have to update these details every year. 

From which date I will get the financial benefits of the scheme If I am already studying at the time of application? 

From the date of application on the portal. No payment will be made for the period before the application date in this scheme. For more details refer to clause no 11 of the scheme guidelines. Ex: Currently, a student studying in the second year and selected for the scheme then he/she will not get any financial assistance before his/her date of application. 

From which date I will get the financial benefits of the scheme if I will start my course after my application?  

From the start of the course. For more details refer to clause no 11. 

From which date, I will be eligible for getting living expenses? 

Only E1 and E2 category students will be eligible for living expenses. Date of reaching the  foreign university to start the course (date of passport stamp) 

What do you mean by Evaluation phases for Selection? 

Applications submitted before the evaluation date will be reviewed and processed based  on the relevant income category applicable to that specific phase to determine the  selection 

How many evaluation phases are there and the procedure to process the applications?


1st Phase 

2nd Phase 

3rd Phase 

4th Phase 



30th June 


21st July  



15th Jan, 2024 

Categories to be  evaluated 

Only E1 

E1 and E2  

(Firstly E1  will be  considered, if  Seats remain  vacant after  the selection of  E1 category  students then  E2 will be  considered ) 

E1 and E2  

(Firstly E1  will be  considered, if  Seats remain 

vacant after  selection of  E1 category  students then  E2 will be  considered ) 

E1 and E2 and E3 (Firstly E1 will  be considered, if  Seats remain  vacant after  selection of E1  category students  then E2 will be  considered, Even  if seats remain 

vacant then E3 will be  considered )

 What will be the closing dates for the portal? 

The portal will remain open till 15th Jan 2024 provided seats are lying vacant and will remain closed from 16th January 2024 to 31st March 2024 for the financial year 2023-24. It will open on 1st April 2024 for the next financial year. 

Will selections in one evaluation phase be dependent on the other phase?

No, selections in each phase are independent of all other phases. 

What are the selection criteria for selection in the scheme? 

  • There will be four evaluation phases for selection (30th June-2023, 21st July-2023, 15th November-2023 & 15th January-2024).  
  • Applications received till evaluation dates, will be processed for selection in the scheme.  • Maximum 500 new seats are allocated for the financial year 2023-24.  
  • Portal will remain open till 15th January 2024 for accepting applications, provided seats are lying vacant. The portal will remain closed from 16th January-2024 to 31st March 2024. 
  • In the first phase, only E1 category students will be considered, in the second and third phases  priority for selection will be in order of E1, E2 category 
  • In the last phase, priority for selection will be in the order of E1, E2, and E3 categories. The E3  category will be considered in the last phase only, if seats are lying vacant. 
  • The merit of the student will be determined based on the top 150 QS World Universities ranking. (irrespective of the course applied for) 
  • In case of equality of merit, preference will be given to the students of Postdoc, PhD, PG, and UG courses respectively. Even after this, in case of equal merit, the student older in  age based on date of birth will be given preference 
  • 30% of seats (150) are earmarked for E1 and E2 category female students only. This will not apply to E3 category female students. Preference will be given to E1 category female students over E2 category female students for these earmarked seats.  
  • There will be two types of merit lists (a) General merit List ( b) Female merit list 


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Consolidated Guidelines Hindi (08-06-2023) CLICK HERE

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